Khana Economic Development is an independent black owned Economic Development implementation and management company, with a proven track record in South Africa.

Our vision is to be the preferred service provider to Utilities and Developers who are looking for a complete integrated solution for all their economic development requirements post bid in the Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement programme.

We provide an integrated approach to development issues based on a commitment to maximising the return on social investment via minimising costs and maximising social impact metrics through effective implementation and cost control.

The benefits of partnering with Khana Economic Development

  • Highly experienced management team across all disciplines
    (i)   needs assessment
    (ii)  consultation planning
    (iii) implementation
    (iv) measurement and reporting
  • A track record of economic development implementation and compliance in the REIPPP programme
  • Relevant South African experience
  • Know-how and experience of Department of Energy (DoE) compliance requirements
  • Delivery of a smooth transition into the construction phase post financial close
  • Reduced risk of non-compliance due to specific renewables Economic Development capability
  • Reduced longer term costs of implementation by using a specialist implementation agent
  • Maximize the impact of SED spend/Economies of scale via consolidating implementation of Socio Economic Development for multiple projects
  • Avoid the need for the project company to build internal capability in non-core activities and externalize the risk management
  • Enable the Project Company to focus on its core business by providing a solution to project company compliance reporting and Socio Economic Development implementation
  • Contracting with Khana Economic Development as a Level III BEE status, black owned implementation agency can enhance project company compliance with procurement targets
  • Khana Economic Development is best positioned with local knowledge to manage various local stakeholder interests in term of relationship management and community liaison functions

We have specialist experience in Socio Economic Development, which equips us to:

  • Manage the community engagement processes and mitigate risks arising from community dynamics
  • Undertake community impact studies and design and implement community upliftment programmes
  • Introduce and manage strategic Economic Development delivery partnerships with government and NGOs
  • Provide Socio Economic Development project monitoring and evaluation services
  • Develop social enterprises and implement business incubators to support enterprise development and sustainable job creation
  • Leverage financial resources through partnering with donors and other development funders and increase the potential scale of Socio Economic Development interventions
  • Manage the implementation of development funds and maximize the returns on social impact investments in communities
  • Report on and provide strategic advice and implementation skills to ensure compliance with B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice